Baanx – Key Features

Baanx is innovating the crypto and financial industries creating revolutionary ways to liquidate and spend cryptocurrency smoothly.


Our app links in to a number of key exchanges to allow our users to buy various cryptocurrencies at the best prices. The purchased coins are then stored in a secure wallet within the app that is insured upto 100,000,000 USD for loss through non-fault hacking.


TextBit is a feature within the Baanx App that allows our users to send cryptocurrency to each other without having to pay mining fees via SMS. No more typing out long wallet addresses or paying to send between your friends and family! All you need is an account to get started.


Liquidate your crypto instantly and spend with our Visa CL-Cards! The easiest way to spend your cryptocurrency, simply load up your card with the coins you wish to spend and you are ready to go. Only £4.99 currently.

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